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Introducing the Complete iPhone Collection w/ Gridmat and 2.0 Base Station


The new 2.0 ScrewMats are lighter and easier to store in their protective binder. When you combine them with the durable magnetic BaseStation, (included) they become the perfect organization tool for your repairs.

This 2.0 collection includes all 14 ScrewMats for iPhone 5 through iPhone X. Now available in your choice of FULL-COLOR 2.0 ScrewMats or BLUEPRINT 2.0 ScrewMats.

This is everything you need to more efficiently and conveniently organize your iPhone repair business.

Available in Full-Color and BluePrint Editions

"This thing is genius!" -TechSpank

SCREWMAT® is a revolutionary, patent pending tool for the Cellphone Repair Industry.

SCREWMAT® is designed to magnetically hold screws & small parts in an organized fashion, ensuring fast & proper repairs. With the use of SCREWMAT® your repairs and refurb time will be expedited.

Find popular SCREWMAT® repair guides and tools to fix your own iPhone or Samsung device today!

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The video and Screwmat made this the simplest fix in the world.
Phil W., Loami, IL
A word of wisdom to anyone who is going to work on a iPhone; internal parts are very, very small, easy to lose and look alike. GET the ScrewMat!
John G., Popano Beach, FL
I saw you guys at CES and quickly ordered the kit. The ScrewMat is key. I had done this before without and lost some screws. The ScrewMat keeps everything in place.
Kurt S. Sumpter, SC

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If you are not completely satisfied with the performance and confidence SCREWMAT® brings, we’ll give you a full refund of the original purchase price! No questions!

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We take pride as technicians knowing that we found an ultra-easy way to disassemble a phone. And, it’s just as easy putting it back together. This is the most complete, easy-to-use repair tool available on the market today!


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SCREWMAT® is looking for distributors with a marketable presence in the repair and DIY communities.  In addition, we are looking to find overseas partners to help extend our products all over the globe.

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